LaSalle County NHMP – 2020 Update

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LaSalle County NHMP – 2020 Update

LaSalle County is working with NCICG to update the 2015 LaSalle County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. FEMA requires that every 5 years the NHMP be reviewed and updated. The status of the planning process will be updated on this page on a regular basis. Public input on the plan is needed. All meetings held during this plan update are open to the public.

The natural hazard mitigation plan outlines hazards that LaSalle County is vulnerable to and addresses measures to help mitigate or lessen the overall burden of those hazards. The current plan was submitted to and approved in 2015 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and can be accessed at or .

Communities, townships and counties that actively participate in an approved plan process become eligible to apply for federal grant dollars for various pre-disaster or flood mitigation projects.

The Next meeting is being February 6th at 3:30pm at the EMA building on Etna Road, Ottawa. Click here for details. Click here for Regional Goals from 2015 NHMP Plan.

As part of the review and update process, input is needed from the citizens who live and/or work in LaSalle County. LaSalle County Emergency Management has created an online survey to allow for the citizen input. The survey asks the public’s opinion on topics such as identified hazards, personal impacts, personal preparedness, etc. The survey can be completed at and is open to any citizen who lives and/or works in LaSalle County. The survey is also available on LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency’s website

Kickoff meeting October 24th. Click here for details.

If you have questions about the 2020 LaSalle County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan update please contact Austin Taylor at 815/433-5830 or