Energy Efficiency

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Energy Efficiency

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation support efforts that will improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution, and lead to a cleaner and healthier environment in Illinois. Illinois Energy Now provides rebates to public facilities to improve electric and natural gas systems by making them more energy efficient and the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation provides funding for a variety of energy saving projects.

1. Illinois Energy Now

The Illinois Energy Now Program is an energy efficiency program that provides millions of dollars in rebates to public facilities that make energy efficiency improvements to their electric and natural gas systems. The program is administered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

Eligible projects are in five general categories. Potential upgrades to electric and natural gas systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Lighting Equipment
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Gas Equipment
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Kitchen Equipment

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2. Illinois Clean Energy Foundation

Through its grant program, the Foundation supports environmental best practices to create a healthy and prosperous Illinois. Financial support is provided for programs and projects that benefit the public by:

  • Implementing and improving the use of energy efficiency technologies and methods that can decrease pollution and reduce energy costs for Illinois consumers. Energy efficiency funding is available for upgrades for wastewater treatment systems, lighting projects, various green building projects, and other innovative energy efficiency projects in several categories (e.g. HVAC). Applications are due in January.
  • Developing and increasing the use of renewable energy resources – wind power, solar power, biomass energy and innovative new technologies such as fuel cells – that can decrease pollution, diversify Illinois’ energy portfolio and create economic benefits for the state’s communities. The Foundation also helps non-profit groups and local government organizations to purchase and install renewable energy technologies, including photovoltaic panels, solar thermal systems, wind turbines and biomass systems. Renewable energy provides heating, cooling, hot water, steam or electricity, in an environmentally sound manner while also lowering or stabilizing utility costs. Applications are due in January and July.
  • Preserving and enhancing natural areas and wildlife habitats throughout Illinois. Please see the “Recreation and Conservation” grant page.

Through its Natural Areas Program, the Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and local governments in their efforts to protect and preserve important natural areas and wildlife habitat across Illinois. The primary focus of the Foundation’s Natural Areas Program is land acquisition. Applications are due in January and July.