Pilkington North America, Inc.

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Pilkington North America, Inc.

PROJECT: Extend Public Infrastructure/Municipal Services to Pilkington North America, Inc.

Grant Amount: $500,000

Agency: IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO)

Applicant/Grantee: City of Ottawa

Total Construction Cost: $1,531,000

Infrastructure Project Description: Pilkington North America (PNA), Inc. formally operated their own on-site water and sanitary sewer systems. The grant was used to extend municipal utility services to the facility. This was needed because the company is continuing to expand and operate in Ottawa and they have an aging and inefficient on-site water system and on-site wastewater treatment and collection system.

The infrastructure project included two major components, which are city owned and operated within public rights-of-way or within easements granted to the City of Ottawa by Pilkington.
Water main extension including 9,790 l.f. of 10″ and 12″ diameter pipe to connect the Pilkington facility to the existing city water grid.
Sanitary sewer pumping station and 8,260 l.f. of 8″ diameter forcemain.

The City also will erect a new water tower near the plant to serve the PNA facility.

The Company: The plant produces coated and uncoated clear float glass for use in the construction and specialty markets. Annual production is 125,000 tons. Ottawa is the primary plant that develops new coating technology for Pilkington. The Company investment in this upgrade will ultimately exceed $50,000,000. Glass was first manufactured in 1910 at the Ottawa, Illinois location. Specialty glass products are used in specialty mirrors for the automotive industry, refrigeration units, heated glass units, touch screens, photovoltaics, and anti-reflective applications. Customers are distributed throughout the US and Canada but are primarily found in the Midwest and Canada.