Granville Grocery

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Granville Grocery Store

PROJECT: Extend Public Infrastructure/Municipal Services to PC Foods Granville Grocery Store

Grant Amount: $315,000

Agency: IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO)

Applicant/Grantee: Village of Granville

Total Project Cost: $ 546,072

Infrastructure Project Description: The Village of Granville received a $315,000 grant from DCEO to facilitate the location of a new grocery store in the Village. This replaced the grocery store that was destroyed by a devastating fire in May 2000. The grant was used to extend municipal water service, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and roadway to the site and to make roadway improvements to Grant Street, which leads to the site. Gemion, Inc. (the project developers) invested $231,072.00 of private funds into the infrastructure portion of the project to combine with the CDAP grant in order to complete project budget. PC Foods created a total of twenty-one (21) full time jobs. The private investment in this project was over $1,343,000.