COVID-19 Resources

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Your COVID-19 Response Team

Meet the new COVID-19 response team at North Central Illinois Council of Governments (NCICG)! They are funded by an Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant to support the six-county Economic Development District (EDD) with COVID-19 recovery. This includes helping communities secure state funding and providing grant support to local businesses. Please contact NCICG if your community or business needs help with anything COVID-19 related.


**Funding for Municipalities

Local CUREs Program

  • Funding allocated to all LGUs, counties, and health departments
  • Funds can be used to reimburse for COVID-19 related costs
    • Personal protective equipment, payroll for public health and safety workers, administrative leave, technology improvements, updated water meters, etc.
    • Find more eligible reimbursement expenses here
  • Find your entity’s allocation here
  • LGUs can apply for funding to then dispersed as grants to businesses
  • $15 million available statewide — $3,960,750 allocated to North Central region
  • Applications are reviewed every two weeks until December 28th

**Funding for Small Businesses