2019 Oglesby Comprehensive Plan Update

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Two (2) public meetings scheduled for Oglesby Comprehensive Plan update

The Oglesby Planning Commission is beginning the planning process of reviewing the 2009 Oglesby Comprehensive Plan.  The planning commission is working with the North Central Illinois Council of Governments to go through the planning process.  As part of the process the Planning Commission has scheduled 2 public meetings in the upcoming months to review the goals of the current plan.  

*On Wednesday, July 10th at city hall at 6:30 pm the Planning Commission will be holding the first public meeting to review the current goals of: commercial development, housing, industrial, infrastructure, and transportation. 

*The second public meeting to review the remaining goals will be held Wednesday, September 11th at city hall at 6:30pm.  At this meeting the following goals will be reviewed: downtown, natural hazards mitigation plan, parks, public policy, and tourism.  The existing land use map will be available at the meetings for review and comment. 

The 2009 Oglesby Comprehensive Plan along with ongoing updates about the planning process will be available on NCICG’s website at www.ncicg.org.

2009 Oglesby Comp Plan

2009 Comp Plan Goals for review