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The Human Service Transportation Plan (HSTP) has been a part of the NCICG family since July of 2007. Transit systems and human service agencies wishing to receive funding from Section 5310 and Section 5311 federal funding sources are required to be included in a local HSTP. This is a requirement of the transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21).

Illinois consists of 11 HSTP Regions, of which NCICG is responsible for the coordination of Regions 1 and 3. To assist in coordination in these regions, the HSTP Coordinator is well-equipped to assist any organization involved in HSTP in several ways. Some examples include, but are not limited to: developing surveys, analyzing route data, transportation coordination between multiple agencies, marketing, public outreach, and enhancing a transit vehicle maintenance programs as well as some assistance on grant writing (note: the HSTP Coordinator will not write or be contracted to write grants). Since the inception of the program, NCICG has been successful in assisting organization to receive well over $500,000.00 in JARC and New Freedom grant money. In addition to JARC and New Freedom numerous organizations have received grants for vehicles as a result of the HSTP process.

Meeting Information for Calendar Year 2014 

Region 1 (Boone, Carroll, Jo Daviess, Stephenson, and Winnebago Counties)

  • January 23rd - Freeport Public Library, Freeport at 10am.
  • March 27th - Freeport Public Library, Freeport at 10am.
  • June 5th - Freeport Public Library, Freeport at 10am.
  • July 24th - Freeport Public Library, Freeport at 10am.
  • October 2nd - Freeport Public Library, Freeport at 10am.
  • November 6th - Freeport Public Library, Freeport at 10am.

Region 3 (Bureau, DeKalb, Grundy, Kendall, La Salle, Lee, Ogle, and Putnam Counties)

  • January 24th - Mendota Civic Center, Mendota at 10am.
  • March 28th - Mendota Civic Center, Mendota at 10am.
  • June 6th - Mendota Civic Center, Mendota at 10am.
  • August 22nd - Mendota Civic Center, Mendota at 10am
  • October 3rd - Mendota Civic Center, Mendota at 10am.
  • November 7th - Mendota Civic Center, Mendota at 10am.

HSTP Plan Update   

In 2007, the first HSTP Plans were developed for Regions 1 and 3. These plans set the initial groundwork for the HSTP Program. These plans focused on strategies to develop and guide the HSTP process. They outlined some of the activities that transit systems wished to pursue. The 2012 HSTP Plans are available for download at the bottom of this page. These plans contain many of the same elements as the first plans. In addition to the prior plans, these contain some strategies that transit systems are enacting to create better customer service and increase ridership. Gaps and needs are identified as well as possible solutions to these issues. These plans present a road-map of possible solutions to the many problems that people face with regard to personal mobility.

In July of 2014, drafts of the revised HSTP Plans for each of the regions were made available. Members of the Region 1 Transportation Committee, the Region 3 Transportation Committee, and the Region 3 Advisory Committee provided valuable input on the plans. At the Regional meetings on October 2nd and 3rd, both of the regional plans were adopted. Thanks to all of you who have provided insight, corrections, feedback, and data. This plan is made stronger and more effective as a result of your assistance!

Regional Advisory Committee

The Region 3 Advisory Committee continues full force through 2014! Most recently we have been discussing the disability sensitivity training. The first training will be held on October 30th at the Rock River Center in Oregon. Two trainings are offered, a 10am and a 1pm. Please let Jacob Matsen know if you are interested in attending.

What’s on Your Mind...
At HSTP monthly meetings we often have a "topic of interest" on each of the agendas. Examples may include, but are not limited to: what is being done to streamline medical transportation and what are some of the concerns of the human service organizations utilizing public transportation? We want to hear your concerns, but more importantly we want to know what can be done to solve these issues. Please submit any topic ideas to

For further information contact Jacob Matsen, HSTP Coordinator at 815-433-5830.
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