Public Infrastructure

Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP)

This program is administered by the IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) using United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds. This is a state-wide competitive program for communities with a population under 50,000. All communities applying must meet certain requirements. The primary requirement is that the project must benefit a minimum of 51% low to moderate-income individuals gnerally based on community income survey results and alleviate a threat to the public health and safety. 

Design Engineering - Applications are generally due in May of each year.
The Design Engineering grant program offers up to $150,000 in grant assistance to communities for the design of a comprehensive water or sewer project. 

Public Infrastructure -Applications are generally due in June of each year.
The Public Facilities grant program offers up to $450,000 in grant assistance to be used for actual construction costs of water and sewer facilities. Important note: if your community needs to complete an income survey, the survey must be completed and submitted to NCICG no later than mid-November.

Emergency Public Facilities - Applications submitted as needed
This program offers up to $200,000 in grant assistance to communities on an emergency basis for emergency situations that arise in their water or sewer system which they do not have the funds to remedy. 

IEPA Drinking Water and Wastewater Low- Interest Loan Programs

The Water Pollution Control Loan Program provides low interest loans to units of local government for the construction of wastewater facilities. 

The Public Water Supply Loan Program provides low interest loans to units of local government for the construction of community water supply facilities. 

The loans are awarded with a maximum term of 20 years at one-half the market interest rate (approximately 3 percent). These funds are awarded on a competitive basis with an annual pre-application deadline of March 31. Priority consideration is given to projects with compliance problems, financial hardship and small community systems. 

United States Department of Agriculture -Rural Development 

Community Facilities Grant and Loan Program (also have Guaranteed Loan Program)
Funds are used to construct, enlarge, extend, or otherwise improve essential community facilities. Funds are for public entities and not-for-profits (e.g. health care, fire and rescue, assisted living projects, day care etc.

Water & Waste Disposal Loans and Grants (also have Guaranteed Loan Program)
Eligibility for this program is based on community median income. Loans and grants are available for community water and sewer projects (includes solid waste and storm drainage) in rural towns with pop. less than 10,000. Grants supplement loans to keep user rates affordable.

IL Department of Transportation -Safe Routes to Schools Program (SRTS)

SRTS uses a multidisciplinary approach to improve conditions for students who walk or bike to school. SRTS funds infrastructure improvements and non-infrastructure improvements. Projects are funded at 100% with no local match required. All applications require an approved Illinois School Travel Plan and only those projects and programs included in the corresponding School Travel Plan are eligible for funding. Multiple projects may be applied for by a single Sponsoring Agency, using a single application.

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