Economic Development

Economic Development District

The Economic Development District (EDD) currently services the counties of Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall, and Putnam Counties into one redevelopment district.   The District received its designation from the U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration in 2005.   The District has received EDA funding for the implementation of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy since October 2006.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the North Central Illinois District represents a combined multi-county effort to bring economic improvement to the area. The plan replaces past single-county plans by combining the counties into one redevelopment district. The CEDS has been approved by the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA). The CEDS outlines past development efforts in the district, describes the area's economy, provides geographic and demographic information, identifies potentials and constraints with development, and outlines specific goals to improve economic development throughout the district. 

The Economic Development District  was formally designated by the U.S. Department of Commerce, EDA in February 2005. NCICG is the administrator of the EDD. A District Committee guides NCICG in this effort. The planning partnership grant NCICG has received from EDA will allow NCICG to implement and update the CEDS that has been prepared and approved for the EDD. The actions and strategies in the document are designed to have NCICG work to supplement and support the existing economic development organizations and groups that exist in the region and to fill in gaps as needed. 

The emphasis from Congress and the US Department of Commerce is on REGIONAL cooperation and development efforts to supplement the existing individuals, organizations and associations that exist. This strategy allows the Federal government to participate in Economic Development in an efficient manner at the local level. U.S. Congressman Ray LaHood (18th District), U.S. Congressmen, Jerry Weller (11th District), and U.S. Congressman Dennis Hastert assisted NCICG’s efforts to bring these federal funds to the local area.

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