Economic Development

Community Development Assistance Program-Economic Development (CDAP-ED)
This program, which is managed by Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity offers funds that are available for communities to assist the location/retention of businesses in their communities. Funds are granted to the community and may be used for infrastructure or to loan to the benefiting company for machinery, equipment, building construction/renovation, or infrastructure. Maximum grant request for this program is $750,000 ($15,000 per job created or retained). Business Development Public Infrastructure Program (BDPIP)
This program is administered by Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, with the purpose of providing low-interest loans to units of government for public improvements on behalf of businesses undertaking expansion or relocation projects. Maximum grant or loan is based on details of project ($5,000 per job created or retained).  Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) 

Railway Freight Program (RFP)
This program provides capital assistance to communities, railroads, and shippers to preserve and improve rail freight service in Illinois. Low interest loans are typically provided, but in come cases a grantee may be eligible to receive grant funds. Truck Access Route Program (TARP)
This program assists local government agencies with the upgrading of roads to accommodate 80,000 pound trucks. IDOT will provide up to $20,000 per lane mile and $10,000 per intersection or up to 50% of the total project costs. Projects must connect to a truck route and end at another truck route or truck generator. A per project cap has been set by IDOT at $75,000.00. Economic Development Program (EDP)
This program provides assistance in improving highway access to new or expanding industrial, distribution or tourism developments. The focus of the program is on the retention and creation of primary jobs. The program provides up to 50% state matching funds for eligible roadway-related construction and engineering items.

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